45 Foot Yacht Guide: Finding the Best Yacht for You and Your Family

A 45 foot yacht is a common target for buyers seeking to do a bit more with their boating. Whether it’s the goal of going beyond simple dayboating or hosting more guests onboard to enjoy the water, the 45 foot yacht is considered a great “sweet spot” for many boaters. This size range often provides multiple living spaces and plenty of amenities while still being a very manageable boat at an affordable price point. It’s an attractive option for both boaters looking to upgrade from a small boat or individuals seeking to downsize from a larger yacht to something a bit more manageable. While it can be common to start with what size vessel is right for you, there are a number of other questions about your planned boating activities that will help narrow down your buying options. For example, what is your perfect day on the water? Will you be doing more day boating or long-range cruising? Do you plan to enjoy water sports or fishing? How much time do you plan to spend on the yacht (an afternoon? weekends? etc.)? These questions will lead the process of buying a 45 foot yacht. Deciding between a new or pre-owned yacht is another major question worth proper consideration. Depending on your experience, a new vessel can provide additional peace of mind as well as the latest technology and features that can make operating your yacht a breeze (e.g. dock joysticking). By purchasing new, you’ll have additional assurance that individual components are working properly and the vessel will come with a warranty. Of course, new yachts are more expensive than pre-owned yachts, but the total cost of ownership can be comparable depending on the condition and age of the pre-owned vessel. If you have vast experience on the water, owning and operating a yacht that is likely to have more maintenance and repairs in the future may not be as intimidating when compared to someone new to boating. If considering an option on the pre-owned market, consider limiting the age to only a few years back as the number of possible issues increase dramatically the further back you go in years. We often suggest sticking with newer boats even if it means a smaller vessel. If you have any questions on the pre-owned market and how these options might compare to a new yacht, do not hesitate to contact the One World Marine Yachts team. Our experienced yacht brokers and sales professionals can advise you on buying options that will maximize years of enjoyment out on the water. When considering a new yacht purchase, understanding the various types of yachts is crucial. Express yachts, express cruisers, sport yachts are all terms that tend to describe the same type of yacht: a yacht with a single deck above the hull and living quarters down below. These yachts tend to be “the sports car” of the yacht world and come with a sleek and sporty look. Flybridge or sedan bridge yachts are essentially express yachts with another level on top of the main deck that is large enough for a control station and some seating. The flybridge can often give the owner a 360 degree view of the water, enabling navigation from a higher vantage point. The upper deck, if not enclosed, can provide a more open air feel while navigating or simply provide a way to get away from the other guests down below. Sportfish convertible yachts can often overlap with this category as yachts that can convert to either a fishing vessel or more of a cruising yacht. A sportfish yacht is a more general term referring to yachts geared towards fishing. They often include a spacious cockpit from which to fish and plenty of amenities aimed to enable you and your guests to pursue that trophy catch. Motor yachts traditionally refer to any large motor-powered vessels, but in today’s landscape, it more often refers to a multi-deck yacht with a spacious interior. Motor yachts can frequently have a larger interior space that is further forward in the vessel resulting in less outside bow space. This is a preferred yacht type for owners seeking longer stays aboard their yacht. The new, but growing SUV yacht category is one being led by Rivera with its SUV line of yachts. SUV yachts are express styled yachts aimed at adventuring and water activities. Lastly, the manufacturer of the yacht you purchase and the dealer from which you buy both matter greatly. Examining the history and financial strength of the manufacturer can be worthwhile. The dealer you work with is not merely a conduit for a transaction, but a partner in both the purchase and ownership of your new yacht. Ensuring your dealer will be there every step of the way during your yacht ownership is crucial. One Water Yacht Group is committed to providing a unique approach to both yacht sales and service. Backed with unprecedented financial strength and an unrivaled network of dealers and service centers through the eastern seaboard and Gulf coast, One Water Yacht Group is there for you wherever your new yacht may take you.


One Water Yacht Group offers a myriad of options of yachts in the 45 foot range. Some of our featured new yachts in this range are detailed below:

Riviera 43 Open Flybridge

45 foot yacht
Whether cruising the open water or fishing, the 43 Open Flybridge offers plenty of comfort and style. The spacious cockpit with its gorgeous stair ladder to the flybridge and luxurious saloon mean entertaining is a breeze. With Volvo IPS power, Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit Navigation and fingertip, joystick maneuverability, managing this yacht is a breeze. Accommodations include a forward master stateroom with ensuite and guest stateroom with additional bathroom. Simply put, the 43 Open Flybridge offers easy living over three, well-designed levels.

Riviera 445 SUV

Designed for both the adventurer and active family, the Riviera SUV line of yachts combines both the offshore capability and open cockpit of a flybridge with the single deck, indoor/outdoor living of its sport yachts line. The spacious cockpit of the 445 SUV will immediately stand out as an impressive space for water sports during the day and entertaining at night. The 445 SUV offers two staterooms and two bathrooms. Powered by the Volvo Inboard Propulsion System (IPS), owners will further appreciate the 445 SUV’s Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit Navigation displays and joystick maneuverability.

Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht

Riviera’s Sport Yacht line is simply hot, and it doesn’t take long to see why. The gorgeous silver, black and white colors with flowing indoor-outdoor spaces are not only brilliantly designed, but incredibly welcoming. The fantastically functional layouts are superbly appointed with the utmost attention to detail. The 4800 Sport Yacht comes with two staterooms and bathrooms and has the option to enlarge the master stateroom. Equipped with Volvo Penta IPS and the latest technology in displays and controls, you’ll love operating this yacht from its plush Recaro helm chairs. Have any questions regarding the purchase of a 45 foot yacht? The One World Yacht team is ready to assist. Contact us today.

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