50 Foot Yacht: Guide to Buying Your Next Yacht

Boat owners will often move into the 50 foot yacht range when looking to do more than simple day boating excursions. While still typically owner-operated, a 50 foot yacht provides increased flexibility with regards to living spaces and can offer a wide array of amenities that suit your tastes and needs while on the water. When moving up into the 50 foot range, yacht owners can begin expecting three stateroom layouts. With new technology and yacht design processes, owners can expect an impressive combination of interior spaciousness without sacrificing a sporty and sleek look. Many new models in this size range are leading to extraordinary interest via buyers. Models such as the new Sunseeker Manhattan 55 and the Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht are very hot on the market today due to its gorgeous design and style mixed with incredible spaciousness and functionality.


If you’re considering purchasing a new or used yacht, there are a few things you might consider as you narrow your options. First, what is your ideal day on the water? This will provide some helpful direction towards the type of yacht you’ll require. How much time do you plan to spend on the boat? How many people do you plan to take with you, and how many will need to be sleeping aboard the boat? How important is speed and do you have any size restrictions based on where you plan to keep your boat? Buyers in this size range of yacht often will need to decide if they prefer a flybridge design or an express style yacht. While some buyers can’t live without the additional deck which enables 360 degree views of the open water, some buyers prefer the simplicity and ease of use of an express style yacht (or just the sleek and sporty look that many provide). Answers to these functional questions often leads to the consideration of a few different manufacturers and models. From there, the style and design of both the exterior and interior of the yacht will often speak to the buyer and move him or her toward a buying decision. Having an idea regarding how much you want to spend on your yacht will also help the process. As you consider the financial components of the purchase, don’t forget to consider the costs associated with care and maintenance. Not only are these important elements of owning and operating a yacht, they will also pay off down the road during a resale process. Choosing between a new and used yacht is also a major consideration. While a used vessel will cost less, buying new means you can have access to the latest technology and amenities while also making specific selections tailored to your tastes and style. If you are a first time owner, a few other things to keep in mind before purchasing are: Where do you plan to keep the yacht? You’ll want this lined up prior to finalizing a purchase. Additionally, do you have insurance? Make sure you have insurance coverage finalized before taking possession of the boat (if you’re financing the yacht, this is required). Lastly, as you consider a new 50 foot yacht purchase, it’s worth noting that there are other parties involved when a buyer purchases a yacht. The quality of the manufacturer of the yacht you purchase and the dealer from which you buy are crucial considerations. Does the manufacturer have a proven track record of financial stability, innovation and production quality? Can you rely on your dealer both to assist in the initial transaction and over the coming years with respect to service and guidance? Ensuring your dealer has the resources and commitment to be there every step of the way during your yacht ownership is critical. One Water Yacht Group is committed to providing a unique approach to both yacht sales and service. Backed with unprecedented financial strength and an unrivaled network of dealers and service centers through the eastern seaboard and Gulf coast, One Water Yacht Group is there for you wherever your new yacht may take you.


One Water Yacht Group can provide many options in the 50 foot yacht range. Some of our featured new yachts in this range are detailed below:

Riviera 50 Sports Motor Yacht

Whether you aim to explore, entertain or unwind, Riviera’s 50 Sports Motor Yacht can serve you well. Offering the functionality and capabilities that you’d expect on a much larger yacht, this yacht can indulge you for a weekend or for a longer adventure. The three cabin and two bathroom layout includes an impressive full-beam master stateroom.

Absolute 50 Flybridge

For the yacht buyer seeking contemporary, sporty, Italian style, the Absolute 50 Flybridge delivers. The spaces both inside and out of this yacht are expertly designed and engineered giving guests a myriad of options for relaxation or entertaining. Whether it’s the extraordinarily large flybridge or the bright and airy main deck interior, every experience on the Absolute 50 Flybridge is maximum enjoyment. The yacht comes with three staterooms including a full beam master. The aft crew quarters can also be used for additional guests when necessary.

Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht

Riviera’s Sport Yacht line is extremely popular, and the 5400 is a big reason why. The distinct silver, black and white colors are evident throughout the exterior design, and the interior style utilizes the finest materials and superb attention to detail. The 5400 Sport Yacht comes with three staterooms, including a full beam master, and two designer bathrooms.

Belize 54 Daybridge

For the yacht buyer seeking a unique combination of function and distinct style, the Belize 54 Daybridge calls out to him. With a reputation of immaculate wood work, the high end style and attention to detail of the Belize 54 Daybridge doesn’t end there. Three beautiful staterooms are paired with two bathrooms on the accommodation deck. A limited number of these yachts are produced each year specifically for yacht owners with an eye for the distinct.

Sunseeker Manhattan 55

The new model in Sunseeker’s Manhattan line has yacht enthusiasts paying attention. The Manhattan 55 has been designed with extraordinary care to enhance both comfort and cruising and to provide a plethora of social spaces typically only seen in larger yachts. The exterior styling of the yacht will grab your attention with its curved glass and stainless-steel details. The Manhattan 55 comes with three staterooms to comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests.

Sunseeker Predator 55 EVO

Sunseeker’s 55 EVO is the latest entrant to the manufacturer’s highly popular Predator line of yachts. For buyers seeking a high-end, sporty express style yacht, the Predator 55 EVO quickly passes the eye test. Your pulse will quicken when gazing at the exterior design and the excitement doesn’t stop when entering the interior of the yacht. If you want sizzle, this yacht has it. The predator 55 EVO can accommodate up to 6 guests and has a range of up to 235 nautical miles. Have any questions regarding the purchase of a 50 foot yacht? The One World Yacht team is ready to assist. Contact us today.

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