6 Tips for Choosing the Right Yacht Dealer

Whether you’re planning to purchase a 50 foot yacht or a 100+ foot yacht, choosing the right yacht dealer or yacht broker is a crucial part of the process. Choose well, and not only can the purchase of a new yacht go smoothly, but years of ownership can be enjoyable and headache-free. Choose the wrong partner, and well, things can be less smooth. As you consider working with a yacht dealer, pay attention to the company culture. The culture of a company will be seen and felt throughout the process, and the following 6 tips all flow from a yacht dealer that has the right culture. A culture of obsession over customer service and long-term relationships is paramount. With the right yacht dealer, this culture can be seen and felt whether you’re interacting with a broker or a member of the service staff. With that said, let’s get into the 6 tips for choosing the right yacht dealer.


Many yacht dealers have relationships with manufacturers and are licensed dealers of specific yacht brands. One Water Yacht Group is no different. One Water Yacht Group is the exclusive dealer of Absolute, Belize, Prestige, Riviera and Sunseeker in the markets in which we operate. Our in-stock inventory is quite impressive and is often a great resource for a yacht buyer. But, our in-stock inventory isn’t the primary focus when we work with yacht buyers. Our team of sales people and brokers is committed to finding the perfect fit for you and your family regardless of the yacht manufacturer or model. If the right fit for you is an Absolute, Riviera or Sunseeker yacht from our inventory, then that’s great. If that’s not the right fit, then our goal is to find the perfect yacht for you outside of our inventory. We know that if we focus on the right fit and your long-term enjoyment on the water, we can establish a long-term relationship with our clients that spans years. Whether it’s the purchase of a yacht, assisting you during ownership and operation of the vessel or helping you sell a yacht when it’s time for something new, our goal is to exceed your customer service expectations at each step of the relationship.


If you find yourself in a popular yachting market, you can find an abundance of yacht brokers eager to help you buy or sell a yacht. But the experience and knowledge of these brokers will vary widely. When selecting a yacht broker, you’ll want to ensure a few things before you move forward in working together. First, make sure that the yacht broker has multiple years of experience with a number of transactions. Second, does the yacht broker have experience specific to the type of yacht you’re buying or selling? Lastly, any yacht broker should be able to provide thorough and detailed advice on how to obtain maximum value if selling your yacht and guidance on finding the perfect fit if buying a yacht. When interviewing a potential yacht broker, if you’re confused, ask questions! Your yacht broker should be able to communicate expectations clearly and helpfully. The One Water Yacht Group team is made up of sales personnel and yacht brokers that leverage years of experience buying and selling yachts to give clients a smooth process and maximum value so you and your family can simply focus on enjoying time on the water.


Perhaps there is no better evidence of a company culture that focuses on long-term relationships than a track record of repeat customers. Because One Water Yacht Group endeavors to place customer service objectives above any short-term transactional focus, the result is a high volume of clients that work with us over and over again. Whether it’s the client that seeks a new yacht every few years or an old client that has simple questions about yacht ownership, our team is there every step of the way.


When you select your yacht dealer, you’re selecting a partner for not only a transaction, but an ownership experience. The yachting industry is made up of companies with varying degrees of financial strength; ensure the company you partner with has tremendous financial resources. One Water Yacht Group is a well-resourced company that regularly invests in our facilities, service network and staff to ensure we can provide everything our clients need both today and many years in the future.


When purchasing a yacht, the future servicing of the vessel is a crucial consideration. Is your dealer capable of handling all service needs? What if you plan to travel with the yacht? Whether you’re in South Florida utilizing our world class Roscioli Yachting Center for a myriad of servicing needs or traveling the Eastern seaboard of the United States, the One World Yacht Group team has you covered. Our focus is to make your ownership experience as enjoyable as possible.


Sometimes things simply come up when you own and operate a yacht. Have you worked with a dealer or yacht broker that seems to have the answer or solution for anything that comes up? If not, we encourage you to give our team a call at One World Yacht Group. The regular feedback from our clients is that our team is willing to go the extra mile no matter what it is. Need advice on hiring a crew or help with chartering? No problem. Have a unique service need while traveling the Caribbean? We’re happy to help. The culture at One World Yacht Group demands that we meet and exceed our clients’ needs throughout the purchase and ownership of a yacht, and our team is thrilled to do so. Our team loves what we do, and our mission is to go the extra mile so you can enjoy the yachting lifestyle.

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