60 Foot Yacht: A Guide to Buying Your Next Yacht

The 60 foot yacht range receives a great deal of attention from yachting enthusiasts since this size range represents an expansion of possibilities for those moving up from a smaller vessel. While simple day outings remain quite doable, 60 foot yachts offer the ability to travel further, the space to host more guests and the amenities to further enhance your comfort and enjoyment. Similarly, for larger yacht owners, some move down in size to the 60 foot range when they’re seeking something more manageable than a larger vessel. It is in this size range where you still find many owner/operators, and when going into the 70 foot and above range, owners commonly do not operate the vessels themselves. Buying a 60 foot yacht comes with more decisions when compared to purchasing a smaller yacht. The larger the yacht, the more important things such as build quality become. It is critical that we not only ensure that the yacht lines up with your planned use cases, but also that the yacht is styled and contains the appropriate amenities that you and your loved ones expect.


A 60 foot yacht can come in a number of different types and identifying your desired yacht type is a great starting point. While yacht type nomenclature can vary in different parts of the world, we’ll stick to the broader classification of an express yacht versus a flybridge yacht.
60 foot yacht interior
The express yacht (sometimes referred to as express cruiser or sports cruiser) refers to a yacht with a single deck above the hull and living space below. These yachts are often sporty and sleek looking. Within the express category, the vessels can vary further. For example, a “Mediterranean” style yacht can often be referred to as an open express yacht and is characterized by maximum space for sun and little to no shade on the deck. The open express is contrasted with a typical hard top express which typically offers a semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed space for the operator. While the express yacht emphasizes a two-deck layout, the flybridge yacht (sometimes referred to as a sedan bridge or a sport bridge) is a yacht that includes an additional space above the main deck, often with seating and a control station. Due to the flybridge above, the main deck on these vessels often includes an enclosed space and living quarters below. The flybridge space can be open air or enclosed and can include a hard top depending on the yacht.


As you make investment decisions regarding your new or used 60 foot yacht, it’s important to consider the propulsion types available today. Most boat owners are familiar with inboard propulsion. Straight shaft inboard propulsion is the traditional form of propulsion you’ll find in boating. It involves a rear-facing engine connected to a transmission and a driftshaft that comes out of the bottom of the boat. V-drive inboard yachts have forward facing motors, positioned further back, with a transmission that redirects the driveshaft toward the back of the vessel. With the engines further back in the V-drive systems, interior cabin space can be further maximized. Pod drive propulsion is the alternative to shaft drive propulsion, and since the Volvo Penta pod drive system debuted back in 2005, yacht owners have been intrigued by the benefits that such systems offer. Pod drives are a power system that is without shafts, struts and rudders. Instead of a traditional shaft-based system, one or more self-contained “pods” transfer the engine’s power into thrust. The main benefits of a pod drive system are better fuel economy, increased handling and performance, less noise, less vibration, joystick docking and position fixing. It’s important to note that pod drive systems are typically more expensive and require certified technicians for servicing. With that said, however, with enough use, the fuel savings gained by using the pod system can, at least in part, make up for the additional investment that pod drive systems require.


As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, with a 60 foot yacht purchase, the build quality is critical. One Water Yacht Group works with high quality manufacturers on yachts with the highest build quality, the latest technology and gorgeous styling. One Water Yacht Group is committed to providing a unique approach to both yacht sales and service. Backed with unprecedented financial strength and an unrivaled network of dealers and service centers through the eastern seaboard and Gulf coast, One Water Yacht Group is there for you wherever your new yacht may take you. One Water Yacht Group can provide many options in the 60 foot yacht range. Some of our featured new yachts in this range are detailed below:

Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht

The pinnacle of the popular Riviera Sport Yacht line, the Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht is a masterful mixture of power, spaciousness and elegance. The Riviera Sport Yacht exterior styling you’ve come to love is present with its silver, black and white tones. The interior design and comfort is made of only the finest materials. The optional Presidential Master Stateroom layout pushes the limits of what yacht owners expect from a luxurious master stateroom.

Sunseeker Predator 60 EVO

The new Predator 60 EVO combines bold design with the quality and performance that Sunseeker is known for in its Predator yacht line. Sporty, sleek and awe-inspiring, the Predator 60 EVO offers both performance and style. With exemplary sea-keeping, impressive speeds and unmatched agility, you and your guests can cruise in luxury. The Sunseeker Predator 60 EVO can accommodate up to 6 guests plus a crew member.

Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht

This yacht expertly combines long range luxury with adventurous water activity. Whether you seek to venture out further while relaxed and enjoying the amenities of the Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht or you aim for a day of fishing and diving, this yacht can do it all. Whether your opt for the 3 stateroom or 4 stateroom layout, each comes with a full beam master with beautifully styled comfort.

Riviera 645 SUV

Riviera is making waves with the new SUV yacht category, and the brand new 645 SUV pushes the boundaries even further. With the largest water sports and fishing cockpit of all models in the Riviera SUV line, this yacht is a dream for active and adventurous families. With both three and four stateroom layout options, the interior is both gorgeous and comfortable, giving you and your guests the proper rest before you embark on the next day’s adventure.

Absolute 62 Flybridge

For the yacht owner seeking the perfect fusion of function and design, the Absolute 62 Flybridge has no peer. The exterior boasts beautiful lines and mirrored glass which creates not only a striking appearance but a gorgeous, bright interior space. Experience stunning views of the water from the flybridge or comfortable bow deck lounge seating. The master stateroom maximizes the hull’s 17-foot beam. A VIP suite and additional stateroom provide exceptionally comfortable accommodations for your guests. An aft cabin provides crew accommodations or room for additional guests.

Absolute Navetta 64

The yacht buyer seeking elegance and comfort while long range cruising, the Absolute Navetta 64 stands out. The combination of spaciousness, modern and attractive design and emphasis on extreme comfort means the Navetta 64 offers absolute livability. The master and VIP cabins are spacious with closets and en-suite heads, and two double cabins have closets and easy access to the adjacent head.

Belize 66 Daybridge

Combining classic design with modern materials and capabilities, the Belize 66 Daybridge appeals to the yacht owner who seeks something distinct. Belize sets a new standard for opulence, handcrafted finishings and interior design, and the Daybridge 66 is no exception. Whether it’s the main deck saloon or the gorgeous cabins on the accommodation deck, your guests will be in awe of care and attention to detail that Belize puts into this beautiful yacht. Accommodations come in both a three or four stateroom layout.

Sunseeker Manhattan 66

Sunseeker’s Manhattan line has redefined luxury and style on the water. With an emphasis on social spaces designed for entertaining, the Manhattan 66 is beautifully furnished amidst a bright and airy environment as a result of the panoramic hull and saloon windows. The transom beach club has options for barbecue, bench seat and overhead rain shower. The yacht boasts four spacious staterooms including dreamy master accommodations. The standout full-beam master even has its own private stairway access from the saloon. Have any questions regarding the purchase of a 60 foot yacht? The One World Yacht team is ready to assist. Contact us today.

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