70 Foot Yacht Guide: Finding Your Perfect Yacht

The 70 foot yacht range often represents a demarcation in yachting. Vessels below this size range are often owner-operated whereas once yacht owners get into the 70 foot range, owners typically do not operate the yacht themselves. The 70 foot yacht is also just shy of what many consider to be the superyacht category. For instance, Boat International tracks superyacht sales and production data of yachts worldwide that are at least 24 meters in length (78-79 feet). As the yacht size increases, the complexity of the purchase can also increase. While we often still begin with general use case questions such as what the yacht will be used for, how many guests it must accommodate and where you plan to travel with the yacht, there are other important elements to consider when purchasing a 70 foot yacht. Considerations such as build quality, yacht type, cruising speed, propulsion options and more are all important elements to thoroughly examine.


Understanding the various yacht types is key to matching the right 70 foot yacht to your needs. Express yachts (can be referred to as express cruisers or sport cruisers) typically refer to yachts with a single deck above the hull and a living space below deck. These yachts often catch the eyes of onlookers as they are sleek and sporty. Express yachts can be further grouped by looking at the hard top or enclosure. Typically the hard top express yacht either offers a semi-enclosure or full-enclosure for the operator. An open express yacht is different, however, in that it has maximum space for sun with little to no shade on deck. The open express can sometimes be referred to as a “Mediterranean” style yacht. The flybridge or sedan bridge yacht refers to a yacht that includes an additional space above the main deck. This additional level can include seating and control station. The flybridge itself can be open air or enclosed.


When yachts get into the 70 foot range, the interior layout can include a wide variety of options to suit your particular yachting lifestyle. Yachts in this range often have a spacious main deck salon with excellent seating, dining and entertaining spaces. Down below, the yachts will often have four or more cabins plus crew quarters. Newer yachts feature impressive full beam master bedrooms that come with remarkable spaciousness and the latest amenities. Quite often, a flybridge includes additional seating and control station. Finishes and interior designs can vary widely depending on the model and age of the yacht. Moreover, manufacturers often have distinct styles that appeal to different buyers. Once the selection of yachts being considered is narrowed down sufficiently based on function and capability, it is often the design style of the interior that can give the final nudge to move a yacht from merely being considered to purchase and ownership.


If you’re relatively new to yachting, it can be a good idea to get some experience. Taking time to charter a yacht can help you narrow down what yacht you wish to buy. Getting familiar through actual use of different yacht types can be very helpful. What features and amenities are important to you? What kind of crew do you anticipate needing? Are you looking for a smaller, more easy-to-operate yacht or are you looking for the most luxurious yachting experience while cruising longer distances? Experience is truly the best way to get closer to accurate answers to these questions. Understanding your estimated budget for a yacht purchase is a crucial element in narrowing down your options. While understanding that there is always a bigger and more expensive yacht, identify a price range that you are comfortable with while also factoring in crew, maintenance and operating expenses. Once you identify the yacht type and price range, you can begin identifying potential options, often with the assistance of a yacht broker or salesperson. If considering used yachts, buyers will always encounter the trade-off between age and size. A newer and smaller boat can often cost the same or more than a larger vessel with more years. Of course, newer boats typically have less maintenance and upkeep costs while also providing updated technology and features. It’s at this point where an experienced yacht broker or salesperson can really provide tremendous value. Understanding your needs and budget, a yacht broker or salesperson can provide excellent advice on selecting yachts to target for purchase that will lead to years of enjoyment and minimal stress. Custom designing a new yacht can be a thrilling process for owners. Essentially, the owner can provide input at the earliest design phases of the process. The entire design and build process can take years, and the owner experiences taking the yacht from design concept to launch. A semi-custom approach is also available through a number of yacht manufacturers where the owner is essentially purchasing a production model and providing customizations during the build process. Again, talking through your needs and goals with a yacht broker or salesperson can lead to the most optimal outcome. Hiring the necessary and appropriate crew for your yacht is often an overlooked consideration where many yacht owners can make mistakes. A trusted yacht broker or salesperson should be able to advise on the crew hiring process for yachts of all sizes. Lastly, resale value of the yacht is also an important consideration. The degree to which your yacht holds its value will be based on a number of factors including the quality of the build and finish, maintenance of the vessel during the years of operation, the age of the boat and the overall market conditions at the time of sale. Discuss with your yacht broker the potential variance in resale between the yachts being considered for purchase. An experienced yacht broker who knows the market can provide guidance and help advise on how much this should be taken into consideration at the time of purchase. As evidenced by the myriad of considerations to be made throughout purchase, operation and resale of a yacht, working with an experienced yacht broker that you trust is an extremely valuable partnership during the purchase of a 70 foot yacht. With the complexity of the vessels and the many variables to consider, a yacht broker that truly knows the product can be the difference between a yacht purchase that leads to minimal stress and years of enjoyment for you and your family and a purchase that can lead to stressful ownership and regret.


One Water Yacht Group works with high quality manufacturers on yachts that provide owners with lasting enjoyment and value. Our team is dedicated to partnering with you through the purchase and operation of a yacht. Whether it is advising on interior furnishing, propulsion or hiring of a crew, One Water Yacht Group is committed to being a valued partner with you during this process. And it doesn’t end with the purchase of your yacht. One Water Yacht Group’s network of dealers and service centers throughout the eastern seaboard and Gulf coast means our team is there for you for regularly scheduled servicing of your vessel or when something unexpected happens. One Water Yacht Group is backed by immense financial resources and will be a valuable partner for yacht owners throughout the life and operation of their yachts. One Water Yacht Group can provide many options in the 70 foot yacht range. Some of our featured new yachts in this range are detailed below:

Riviera 72 Sports Motor Yacht

In designing the 72 Sports Motor Yacht, Riviera sought to combine sporty looks and performance with luxurious livability inside. The incredible spaces designed throughout the yacht mean fabulous entertaining or ultra-comfortable relaxation. Paired with true long range capability, there are no limits to your enjoyment on the 72 Sports Motor Yacht. The yacht comes in a three or four stateroom layout.

Absolute 72 Flybridge

Through masterful engineering and Italian design, the 72 Flybridge offers elegance and livability making you feel at home while you explore the world. Whether it’s enjoying the outdoors on the well appointed upper deck, or enjoying the spaciousness of the main bridge with family and friends, the Absolute 72 Flybridge leaves nothing to be desired. The full-beam master cabin includes panoramic side windows, walk-in closet and head with two sinks and shower. VIP cabin with en-suite head, two central cabins and aft crew cabin complete the accommodation deck.

Absolute Navetta 73

The Navetta 73 offers the typical grandeur of Absolute’s Navetta line complete with innovative and elegant design. The experience aboard the Navetta 73 boasts refined Italian furnishings, bright and spacious rooms and an attention to detail only Absolute can deliver. This yacht offers unrivaled relaxation and livability through its many expertly designed spaces. From the bow lounging and sunbathing platform to the large massive flybridge, each space is thoughtfully considered and furnished with the highest quality materials. The master cabin is accessed separately from the bridge offering maximum privacy. Other guest cabins are accessible from the interior staircase.

Sunseeker Predator 74

While the striking style of the Sunseeker Predator 74 speaks to the impressive power and engineering within, the yacht also perfectly accommodates comfort and a relaxed lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking to power through the water at 40 knots or merely soak up the sun on a lazy afternoon, the Predator 74 does it all. Excellent entertaining spaces and well equipped cabins mean hosting your guests is a breeze. The Sunseeker Predator 74 can accommodate between 6-8 guests plus 2 crew.

Sunseeker 74 Sport Yacht

Sporty, sleek and exceptionally spacious, the Sunseeker 74 Sport Yacht offers the best of both style and comfort. The gorgeous lines of the low profile, sleek yacht are only matched by the technology and high-end finishes found within. The beautiful sports bridge up-top provide a unique socializing space with breathtaking 360 degree views of the surrounding water. Throughout the yacht are spaces detailed with comfortable seating, large sunpads and generous space perfectly designed for entertaining. The Sunseeker 74 Sport Yacht comfortably accommodates up to 8 guests plus 2 crew members. Have any questions regarding the purchase of a 70 foot yacht? The One World Yacht team is ready to assist. Contact us today.

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