80 Foot Yacht: Finding the Perfect Yacht in This Category

The 80 foot yacht range is an important line in the yachting industry as many consider this the start of the superyacht category. begins tracking superyacht sales and build data of yachts around the globe of vessels 24 meters in length (78-79 feet). According to Boat International’s latest global order book data, the 24-27 meter category is one of the fastest growing superyacht categories. At 200 yachts in this range, it represents the highest number of yachts in the 24-27 meter range under construction since 2009 with the exception of the 2019 year. While this data may still need time to normalize following COVID-related production disruptions in 2020, the multi-year trend remains the same: the 80-89 foot yacht market is robust and healthy. If jumping up into this size range from smaller vessels, buyers will find that the complexity and costs increase quite a bit as the yacht gets larger. This applies to both the purchase of the yacht and operating the vessel. The size of the yacht not only will dictate some of the use cases and cabin layout of the vessel, but as the yacht gets bigger, owners will need to be aware that it may introduce additional considerations that are required with regards to where you do your cruising. Draft of the yacht can come into play with regards to the accessibility of various harbors, and not all docks can accommodate yachts over a certain size. While many yachts in this range are outfitted with crew quarters, it’s not unheard of for owners to operate a yacht of this size by themselves due to new technology and features. For instance, bow and stern thrusters plus wireless docking controllers can enable owners to run and dock the yacht themselves. Still, on extended trips, even owner/operators can opt for crew to assist with operation and regular upkeep work along the way. Of course, many owners of yachts in this size range opt for crew to handle the operations for all use cases.


Exploring the particular yacht types can be an important starting point for matching the best 80 foot yacht to you and your family’s needs. Express yachts (also referred to as express cruisers or sport cruisers) are yachts with a single deck above the hull paired with a living space below deck. The flybridge or sedan bridge yacht refers to a yacht that includes an additional space above the main deck. This additional level is sometimes also called a command bridge or an enclosed bridge. It typically contains a control station and often an additional entertaining space.


80 foot yacht interior
With yachts in the 80 foot range, the interior layout can vary widely depending on the model. Furthermore, a wide variety of options and amenities are available to suit your yachting lifestyle. A spacious salon with plentiful seating, dining and entertaining spaces is typical. Below deck, four or more cabins with an impressive master suite is to be expected. Additional crew quarters are common as well. The finishes inside will often depend on the model and age of the yacht as well as previous owner tastes. If building a new yacht, the buyer will be able to tailor many of the finishes and interior selections around his or her exact tastes.


If new to yachting, gaining solid experience and familiarity with yachts can be a crucial step in the process to buying a yacht. Many times this can be accomplished through chartering a yacht. Gaining familiarity through the use and operation of a yacht can be quite helpful in achieving clarity on needs and wants around a yacht purchase. What features and amenities did you notice are crucial to operation and life aboard the vessel? Do you anticipate needing a crew? Is a smaller, easier-to-operate yacht more important to you or do you prefer maximum luxury and a longer range? Experience aboard a yacht will help you answer such questions. As always, the budget is a key parameter when narrowing down your yacht options. There is always a bigger and more expensive yacht, so attempt to identify a price range that you are comfortable with while also factoring in maintenance, upkeep and operating expenses. Leveraging a yacht broker or salesperson to identify an initial list of yacht options to consider is a great next step. When looking at pre-owned yachts, there will always be a trade-off between age and size that the buyer will need to navigate. While newer boats will typically have less maintenance and upkeep costs, a pre-owned vessel can mean getting into a larger boat. The advice of a yacht broker is crucial at this stage of the purchase process. Designing a custom new yacht is also a potential option for yacht buyers. The owner can participate throughout the entire build process from the earliest design phases to the launch of the yacht. Moreover, a semi-custom approach is possible through yacht manufacturers that permit owners to modify a production model to build. Of course, choosing the proper option based on your needs is easier with an experienced yacht broker at your side. Resale value of the yacht – while perhaps not the most important consideration at the time of buying a yacht – is still something worth considering and discussing with your broker. The resale value of the yacht is mostly dictated by the quality of the build and finish, maintenance of the vessel during the years of operation, the age of the boat and the overall market conditions at the time of sale. If you plan to charter the yacht to help offset some of the operating costs, the cabin layout, number of staterooms and quality of crew are crucial factors in successfully chartering the vessel. If you plan to pursue this, it can be worth discussing this with your yacht broker or salesperson to ensure chartering can be appropriately factored into the buying process. To conclude, with the complexity involved in purchasing an 80 foot yacht and the investment typically required, the process will often go as smooth as the yacht broker at your side. Ensure that your yacht broker has experience with the particular yacht type, size range and even model being considered. Not all yacht brokers are the same, and while many out there will claim expertise for any yacht category, ask the right questions to ensure they can properly advise with respect to the specifics of the potential transaction approaching.


One Water Yacht Group works with high quality manufacturers on yachts that provide owners with lasting enjoyment and value. Our team is dedicated to partnering with you through the purchase and operation of a yacht. Whether it is advising on interior furnishing, propulsion or hiring of a crew, One Water Yacht Group is committed to being a value partner with you during this process. And it doesn’t end with the purchase of your yacht. One Water Yacht Group’s network of dealers and service centers throughout the eastern seaboard and Gulf coast means our team is there for you for regularly scheduled servicing of your vessel or when something unexpected happens. One Water Yacht Group is backed by immense financial resources and will be a valuable partner for yacht owners throughout the life and operation of their yachts. One Water Yacht Group can provide many options in the 80 foot yacht range. Some of our featured new yachts in this range are detailed below:

Sunseeker 76 Yacht

80 foot yacht - sunseeker 76
With an impressive profile and an unmistakable Sunseeker design, the 76 Yacht offers its guests seamless indoor and outdoor living. 360 degree views of the water are visible from the large flybridge space or within the main deck as a result of the near endless glass that blends the boundary between interior and exterior. Spacious and flexible spaces offer exquisite entertaining options or ideal comfort and relaxation. The yacht’s four staterooms accommodate 8 guests and the crew quarters are enough for 3 crew members. The Sunseeker 76 Yacht has a length of 77’ 5” (23.6m), a beam of 19’ 6” (5.95m), draft of 5’ 7” (1.7m) and a maximum speed of 32 knots.

Sunseeker 86 Yacht

Characterized by spacious and welcoming spaces, state-of-the-art technology and gorgeous design and craftsmanship, the Sunseeker 86 Yacht is simply stunning. With an impressive 1500nm range at 10 knots, guests can enjoy the riding experience from the beautiful flybridge or exceptionally comfortable seating areas both fore and aft. Four well-appointed staterooms offer accommodations of up to 8 guests and crew quarters support up to 4 crew members. The Sunseeker 86 Yacht has a length of 86’ 3” (26.3m), a beam of 21’ 3” (6.47m), draft of 6’ 5” (1.95m) and a maximum speed of 30 knots. Have any questions regarding the purchase of a 80 foot yacht? The One World Yacht team is ready to assist. Contact us today.

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