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Absolute Yachts is a globally-recognized Italian yacht manufacturer that has won many awards for its design capabilities as well as yacht performance. Headquartered in Podenzano, Italy, Absolute Yachts was founded by designer Sergio Maggi and construction guru Marcello Bé in 2002.

While the firm is known for it’s all-Italian make up and design reflected in the yachts it produces, Absolute Yachts is also known for its financial strength. Absolute Yachts was not only founded with a vision on how to build better yachts, but also with a vision on how to successfully manage a yacht manufacturing business. It’s this financial acumen that has aided Absolute in its growth over the last decade.

Absolute’s Podenzano shipyard extends 48,000 square meters and employs over 250 people dedicated to the production of yachts ranging from 47 to 73 feet. The dedication to the process is evident from the leadership down through every designer and craftsmen involved in the process. The collective group at the shipyard has been called a “large family” where each member is fully committed to his or her role and contribution in ensuring the highest quality product.

The financial strength of Absolute Yachts is evident in the shipyard that produces the products marked with the Absolute brand. The investment in innovative industrial and construction processes is immediately evident. Absolute manages in-house the full life cycle of manufacturing from initial concept design through production, assembly and final setup of the yacht. Every detail of the process is given full attention and consideration. Pride of the workers shows not only in the end product, but also in the process that achieves that final product.

Absolute Yachts remains committed to construction methods marked by environmental sustainability. The firm’s innovative process and methods enable a reduction in environmental impact, and this is coupled with energy supply via geothermal and solar power. Add it up and you get one of the most modern, efficient and technologically-advanced production cycles in the yacht manufacturing industry.

While many manufacturers boast of high quality production processes, Absolute Yachts has a name for its process that goes back decades. The ISS, which stands for Integrated Structural System, is a build process that departs from the traditional method of most shipyards where a ship’s hull is extracted from its mould before additional components and systems are added. With the ISS approach, the precisely crafted elements are inserted into the hull while still in the mould. When the deck is added, the boat is closed and sealed while still in its mould. This results in a single, main structure with unprecedented strength and durability. This production method has won awards for the firm such as a recognition of innovation in a production process at the Boat Builder Awards.

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