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Sunseeker International is a British luxury yacht manufacturer recognized globally throughout the yachting industry. Founded in 1969 as Poole Power Boats by Robert and John Braithwaite, the company became Sunseeker International in 1985. The headquarters and main manufacturing facilities are located in Poole Harbour in Dorset, England. Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group acquired Sunseeker in 2013. While ownership has changed hands in the last decade, Sunseeker yachts remain unmistakably British. The brand attracts a clientele that lives fast with an appreciation for high style. It’s no wonder Sunseeker yachts have made appearances in multiple James Bond films. What started as a gamble for Robert Braithwaite in 1969 when he acquired the boat moulds from American boat builder Owens, Sunseeker has grown over the decades into one of the world’s leading luxury motor yacht builders. From the first 17 and 23 footers in the 1970s, Sunseeker now produces yachts ranging from 38 feet up to 161 feet in length. From the early beginnings, Sunseeker products have been marked by a passion for boating, intense attention to detail, impressive performance and luxurious materials. Upon his death in 2019, thousands of Sunseeker workers and countless yacht enthusiasts world wide remarked upon the indelible impact that Robert Braithwaite had upon the yacht industry in the UK as well as around the world. Braithwaite’s legacy can be seen everywhere in the innovative and gorgeous Sunseeker yachts traversing the world’s waters as well as the yacht manufacturing and sales industry in the UK. Today, Sunseeker employs over 2200 designers, engineers and craftsmen that produce 150 yachts a year that are sold globally to over 74 countries. While the company is no stranger to investment into innovative, new manufacturing techniques and technologies, Sunseeker maintains a relentless commitment to building hand-built and hand-finished vessels. The attention to detail by expertly skilled craftsmen leads to a product where a passion for boating is passed from builder to owner. This commitment goes further for larger yachts being built at Sunseeker. For yachts over 100 feet, Sunseeker offers a true bespoke service where customers can be involved and specify individual preferences on nearly every element that goes into the yacht. From floor plans to furnishings, every detail matters as Sunseeker partners with buyers to create something truly individual and special.
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Despite such attention going into each individual yacht produced, Sunseeker offers impressive variety across its models. Sunseeker’s Predator line offers sizzle and excitement to buyers who desire a sporty, express style yacht. Predator yachts are thoughtfully crafted, uniquely styled and are just plain fast. Heads will turn as some Predator yachts achieve speeds in excess of 45 knots. The Predator line includes the Predator 50, the Predator 55 EVO, the Predator 60 EVO and the Predator 74. Sunseeker pushes the boundaries with the Manhattan line which offers sleek European style paired with impressive interior volume and spaciousness. These yachts offer long range cruising without having to compromise on style and thrill. The line includes the Manhattan 52, 55, 66 and 68 models. If you want sleek, sporty and spacious, the Sunseeker Sport Yacht line delivers in abundance. With a low profile, beautiful flowing lines, and elegant finishes throughout, these yachts offer the best of Sunseeker. The Sunseeker Sport Yacht is available in a 65 and 74 foot edition.
The Sunseeker Yacht line offers sizes ranging from 76 to 100 feet in length. These vessels represent the finest in Sunseeker style, design and functionality. Each element of these yachts has been meticulously considered to ensure an impressive combination of sophistication and detail typically limited to custom superyachts. The largest vessels produced by Sunseeker are the Sunseeker Superyachts which include the 116 Yacht, the 131 Yacht, the 42M Ocean and the 50M Ocean. Sunseeker’s Superyacht series pushes the boundary of possibility in the manufacturing of yachts of this size. Whether it’s increasing interior volume, designing new and beautiful outdoor entertainment spaces or offering guests more direct access to the water, Sunseeker’s obsession with innovation is evident throughout these yachts. One Water Yacht Group has partnered with Sunseeker International to provide the same attention to detail that goes into the production of the yachts to the sales and servicing of Sunseeker yachts. One Water Yacht Group is committed to assisting buyers and owners through the acquisition, operation and servicing of your yacht. If you have any questions regarding Sunseeker yachts or other vessel options, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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