60 Foot Yacht: A Guide to Buying Your Next Yacht

The 60 foot yacht range receives a great deal of attention from yachting enthusiasts since this size range represents an expansion of possibilities for those moving up from a smaller vessel. While simple day outings remain quite doable, 60 foot yachts offer the ability to travel further, the space to host more guests and the […]

40 Foot Yacht: Guide to Buying New and Used Yachts

When a client is in the market for a new 40 foot yacht, we often begin with the simple question of, “What is your ideal day on the water?” How clients answer this question is often quite illuminating and instructive in recommending specific yachts to consider from among the myriad of options in today’s marketplace. […]

45 Foot Yacht Guide: Finding the Best Yacht for You and Your Family

A 45 foot yacht is a common target for buyers seeking to do a bit more with their boating. Whether it’s the goal of going beyond simple dayboating or hosting more guests onboard to enjoy the water, the 45 foot yacht is considered a great “sweet spot” for many boaters. This size range often provides […]

Let the Yachting Lifestyle Enhance Your Quality of Life

If you haven’t had the luxury of spending extended time aboard a yacht, the yachting lifestyle is something that might be foreign to you. If you have the means to own or regularly charter a yacht, then you’ve likely at least scratched the surface of how the yachting lifestyle improves one’s quality of life. In […]

6 Incredible Yachting Destinations in Florida and the Caribbean

The Caribbean offers some of the top yachting destinations in the world. With hundreds of tropical islands, you can find everything in the Caribbean: deserted sandy beaches you typically only find in a magazine, luxurious resorts, incredible wildlife, entertainment and nightlife. Regardless of how big or small your yacht is, there are a myriad of […]

The History of OneWater Marine and its New Yachting Division

OneWater Marine is one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the recreational boat industry. With a portfolio of high performing marine dealerships across North America, OneWater Marine is a leader in the sales and servicing of new and pre-owned boats and yachts. Started in 1987 by the Singleton family, OneWater Marine has a rich […]

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Yacht Dealer

Whether you’re planning to purchase a 50 foot yacht or a 100+ foot yacht, choosing the right yacht dealer or yacht broker is a crucial part of the process. Choose well, and not only can the purchase of a new yacht go smoothly, but years of ownership can be enjoyable and headache-free. Choose the wrong […]

The Absolute Fly Series vs. The Absolute Navetta Series: What’s the Difference?

Absolute Yachts is well known in the yachting industry for its distinct Italian style and craftsmanship combined with a dedication to functionality and comfort. Over the years, Absolute consistently goes the extra mile; beginning with relentless communication with yacht owners to truly understand what buyers want in a luxury yacht and ending with the completion […]

Right Sizing Your Yacht Purchase: How Much Yacht Do I Need?

With such a variety of new and pre-owned yachts available on the market, navigating the selection and purchase process of a yacht for you and your family can be a challenging one. With so many parameters involved, it’s always wise to leverage the experience and knowledge of an experienced yacht broker. But that doesn’t mean […]

All About Belize Motor Yachts

Belize motor yachts was launched in 2011 by veterans Wes Moxey and Lee Dillon, two of the most well known individuals in the Australian boat building industry. Moxey, after taking a sabbatical from Riviera in 2008 after 26 years with the firm including six years as CEO, got back in the game in 2011 with […]