The Absolute Fly Series vs. The Absolute Navetta Series: What’s the Difference?

Absolute Yachts is well known in the yachting industry for its distinct Italian style and craftsmanship combined with a dedication to functionality and comfort. Over the years, Absolute consistently goes the extra mile; beginning with relentless communication with yacht owners to truly understand what buyers want in a luxury yacht and ending with the completion of each yacht through its award-winning ISS manufacturing process at the Podenzano, Italy shipyard. Absolute produces two yacht lines: The Flybridge and the Navetta. The Fly series starts with a 47 foot model and goes as big as 72 feet. Similarly, the Navetta series goes from 48 feet to 73 feet. Both share similarities and represent everything Absolute brings to the yachting industry. In fact, many customers considering a new Absolute yacht purchase often exclaim, “I love both the Fly and the Navetta, so what are the key differences?” While you can’t go wrong with either option, there are some differences worth consideration. These differences will typically revolve around personal preference more than anything else. Let’s get into the differences between the Absolute Fly series and the Absolute Navetta series.
We begin with the general emphasis of each yacht line. While both the Fly series and the Navetta series offer the function, design and performance to satisfy all your yachting needs, each line does cater toward a specific owner preference. The Absolute Navetta series is designed to be a long-range, luxury cruiser; a yacht that emphasizes comfort and living space at every turn. While the Absolute Fly series exhibits excellent livability, it certainly caters to an owner seeking a more sleek and sporty design and a bit more speed in his or her yacht. Upon viewing the exterior of both the Navetta and the Fly series, one immediately notices the bold Absolute design of these yachts. In order to maximize interior volume, the Navetta line features the vertical “axe” bow style. Another key distinction you’ll notice at a glance between the Fly and Navetta series is the vertical windshield that is a signature feature on the Navetta line. While your first inclination might be to prefer the sleeker windshield design of the Absolute Fly, many minds are changed when they man the hull on the Navetta and appreciate the incredible visibility enabled by this design. The Absolute Navetta line is known for large hullside and salon windows which make the large interior spaces feel even bigger as it pulls in plenty of natural light. And while the Navetta series certainly emphasizes the interior livability more than other yachts, Absolute pulls many of these features into the Fly series as well. Enter the salon of an Absolute Fly yacht and you’ll indeed notice the connection you feel with the water due to the large windows.
While both the Navetta and the Fly series offer large, well appointed flybridge spaces, the flying bridge on the Navetta is something to behold if entertaining guests across multiple social zones is a priority. The new Navetta models offer a flying bridge experience that lacks nothing. With a sunroof built into the hardtop coupled with a retractable sunshade aft, your guests’ preferences are always accommodated whether sunbathing or cooling off in the shade. Both the Navetta and Fly offer side decks that are easy to navigate and well appointed bow seating and lounging. Both series also offer guests swim platforms that enable easy enjoyment of the water. As we look to the future of the Navetta line, we can learn much in what Absolute has delivered in the new Navetta 64. On this new vessel, the views of the water that are typical with Navetta’s massive salon windows are further improved with the open side bulwarks. Absolute goes all-in with respect to giving guests a connection with the water on the new Navetta 64 with the Beach Club option. Here, the transom can be turned from a large storage space into a double cabin at the water’s edge. A VIP cabin by night and Beach Club by day, this will be a must-have feature for Navetta 64 owners.
absolute navetta beach club
The Beach Club on the new Navetta 64
With the new 50 Fly, Absolute continues to push the boundaries between sporty performance and luxury living. The bold exterior design of the Fly is combined with an interior that is bright, airy and beautifully furnished. Similar to the Navetta line, the new Fly model offers plenty of indoor and outdoor relaxation opportunities. Whether attracted by the luxurious long-range cruising enabled by the Navetta series or the sleek combination of luxury and performance provided by the Fly series, buyers will love the attention to detail inside and out of all Absolute yachts. Perhaps no yacht manufacturer is more comfortable with their place in the yacht industry. With an embrace of true Italian design along with function and practical considerations typically found in an American yacht, it’s no wonder why Absolute maintains an important place in the yacht industry year after year. Deciding between an Absolute Fly or Absolute Navetta model? Our team has the expertise and experience to help guide you to the best decision on which yacht is the best fit for you and your family. We’re happy to answer any questions regarding Absolute yachts or any other yacht you might be considering. Contact our team today.

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