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Riviera Yachts it began with a single 38 MKI model launched in Sydney, Australia in 1980 is now a globally recognized luxury yacht brand that has launched over 5,650 yachts in its 40+ years of operation. Now operating out of its 16.8 hectare facility in Coomera, Gold Coast, Australia, Riviera builds over 100 yachts per year with its 600 craftspeople. Approximately 55% of its annual production is exported globally to its dealer network spanning every continent.  Riviera specializes in luxury motor yachts ranging from 39 to 72 feet across five collections: Flybridge yachts, the Sport Yachts line, the SUV series, the long-range new Sports Motor Yacht collection and the Belize Motor Yachts group. Since taking over Riviera in 2012, Rodney Longhurst has revived the company and led an impressive resurgence. Since 2012, the workforce at Riviera has tripled and Longhurst – along with chief executive Wes Moxey – has led a renewed focus on the development of craftsman skills within the company. The industry recognized apprenticeship program at Riviera is a major part of this. A former carpenter himself, Longhurst previously noted, “We’re building a very exclusive, low-volume craftsman-built product, so you can only automate so much on these boats because they are so different from one to the other. Our staff numbers have risen because we have needed those people and we’ve needed those skills.” But Riviera’s growth hasn’t just been a result of staff skill development. The company has poured millions of investment capital into its technology and facility aimed at boosting both efficiency and accommodating the development of new models. Whether it’s the robotic varnishing machine or new woodworking equipment, Riviera is constantly investing in its Coomera manufacturing facility which is the largest boat building operation in the southern hemisphere. Riviera’s construction methods have earned the company a reputation for yachts built with strength, durability and the finest materials. Hull construction is a precise process using hand-laid fiberglass. Structural components within the yacht utilize glass reinforced plastic to improve the strength of the vessel. Joining the hull and deck requires a three-stage process of bonding, bolting and internal fiberglass strapping; a process aimed at producing the strongest, watertight connection. Each Riviera yacht goes through an extensive sea trial process where each vessel is prepared for two days, then put through a 4 to 6 hour sea trial with engineers, electricians and engine manufacturer representatives all present. Riviera interiors are wonderfully built using impressive materials. Whether it is the premium New Zealand leathers or the superior-grade walnut, cherry, oak and teak timbers, all materials are hand-selected and nothing is left to chance. The Riviera Flybridge line comes in both open and enclosed models. Whether it’s the 39, 43 or 45 open flybridge models or the 54 or 57 enclosed flybridge models, each yacht offers an exceptional combination of lifestyle and adventure. The Sports Motor Yacht collection offers true long range cruising the Riviera way. The 50, 64, 68 and 72 Sports Motor Yacht options represent new levels of luxury, design and structural superiority.
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The popular Sport Yacht collection by Riviera includes the 4800, 5400 and 6000 models. These yachts are renowned for their distinctive design and exhilarating performance. Leading the charge in this new yacht category, the Riviera SUV collection combines the offshore performance and open cockpit of the Flybridge line with the entertaining ease of the Sport Yacht line. Lastly, for yacht enthusiasts seeking something truly distinct, the Belize line of yachts celebrates classic design with modern technology, construction and materials. The popularity of Riviera in America is directly related to Riviera’s commitment to its dealer partners. Through its dealer network, Riviera has been able to maintain a line of communication to American yacht owners. Through Longhurst’s leadership, listening to the market and buyer trends remains a crucial component of steering the company. While Riviera remains one of the most recognizable brands in Australia, the export market is a critical area of the business. As such, Riviera maintains a regular boat show presence globally and invests heavily in its dealer partnerships. One Water Yacht Group has partnered with Riviera to provide the sales and servicing of these exceptional yachts. One Water Yacht Group is committed to assisting buyers and owners through the acquisition, operation and servicing of your yacht. If you have any questions regarding Riviera luxury yachts or other vessel options, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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